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He had a pick up truck, and those devil’s eyes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

calling out slut shaming hells yes


calling out slut shaming hells yes

#sundayfunday #thetempleton #yum (at The Templeton Restaurant)

#sundayfunday #thetempleton #yum (at The Templeton Restaurant)

Friday, October 17, 2014
The mantra of my childhood life, left over from my parents generation: men only marry virgins.

Took a very long time to unlearn this. Yes, society has progressed, but women still cannot express themselves sexually without being judged by men AND women. We teach girls that they cannot explore their sexuality the same way men can. And if they do, well then, that’s because they’re sluts. We teach girls that if they’re assaulted, it was because “they were asking for it” by wearing that dress, those shorts, that low-cut top. The male perspective and belief that women who have sex are sluts is widespread and accepted. That is a problem. At its core, slut shaming is a misogynistic tactic used to police a woman’s sexuality. “But it’s okay if I say slut because I say it to guys & girls!” No. Still wrong. The word’s connotation is related to women, not men. There is definitely a sexual double standard in today’s society. A clear cut set of rules for men, and an unequal one for women. Don’t believe me? Look at the terms for women who “sleep around”: hussy, slag, groupie, nymph, hoe, thot, slut; and the terms for men: ladies’ man, lady-killer, gigolo, stud, pimp. I’m sure there are more, but clearly all the words about women have negative connotations & the ones about men do not. Women are encouraged to slut-shame as well, through internalized sexism, to distrust each other and fight for male approval because of patriarchy. We are told our worth is based on how attractive men find us. Women who slut-shame want to feel powerful. All they have to do is call the other women a slut so they’re the “good girl” in comparison. Being called a slut, especially at a young age, can have damaging effects throughout a woman’s life. It builds her reputation as “easy”. Calling a woman a slut makes people around her think disrespecting her, assaulting her, raping her is OKAY because she doesn’t deserve any respect. Calling a woman a slut is more than personal. It sets up societal views on female sexuality that shape rape culture & abuse. Some women have tried to reclaim the word slut. Not me though. No such thing as slut or a non-slut. We’re all women free to explore our sexuality. “Slut-pride” reinforces the belief that “sluttiness” is attached to a women’s sexuality. “Slut is a women who likes sex.” No. Stop. That’s setting it up as “good girls vs. bad girls” & that’s not what women’s sexuality should be set up as. You like sex, okay. You don’t like sex, okay. YOU’RE NOT A SLUT EITHER WAY. YOU’RE A WOMAN. Slut shaming isn’t about shaming ‘sluts’. It’s about shaming women who enjoy and want to explore their sexuality. It’s about policing women. I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it, slut shaming is a misogynistic tool used to police women; it’s about women hating, silencing women, and shaming them.
my thoughts on slut shaming (part II) | instagram: gurrkeyrith (via gurkeyrith)
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Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. Allen Ginsberg (via felinewhisperer)

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